Western New York Chapter

USNA Alumni Association

Board of Directors Meeting

3840 East Avenue, Rochester, New York

Wednesday, June 14, 2000

Nelson Blish 69 called the meeting to order at 6 PM. Members attending the meeting were:
Tom Bachmann 86, Tim Downs 54, John Funkauser 57, and Nelson Blish 69.
Board of Directors

Tom Bachmann gave the Treasurerís Report. The chapter has a balance of $831.43. This is an increase from the beginning balance of $500.94. The chapter broke even on revenues and expenditures for meals at the Colonel Vetter dinner, and incurred a small loss after addition of the gift for Colonel Vetter. The increase in the treasury balances due mainly to dues collected. Dues paying chapter members are listed at the end of the minutes.

A report on the Board of Trustee meeting was presented by Nelson Blish. Items of special interest at the Board of Trustees meeting or plans to give more support to the chapters. While the plans are still in progress, ideas include an on-line chapter directory that can be updated by the chapter reflecting changes and address and payment of dues at the local chapter level.

The Chapter website was discussed, and John Fischer 80, Webmaster, and Tim Quigley 84, Assistant Webmaster, were acknowledged for establishing and maintaining the website.

Membership initiatives were discussed. Possibilities include:

A Program schedule for the year was discussed. Meetings plan are:

The meeting adjourned a 7:15 PM.

Chapter Members:

Tom Bachmann
Al Beatrice
Nelson Blish
Dick Boardman
Cleveland Cooper
Tim Downs
Tom Farina
John Fischer
Jim Funkauser
Widmar Hansen
Dale Halling
Nancy Halling
Dave Hopkins
Dick Kievit
Jim Orr
Tim Quigley
Mike Redman
Scott Valentine
Glen Viado
Bob Whitehead
Mike Zimet